Karratha Gas Plant

The North West Shelf Project facilities include the Karratha Gas Plant, one of the most advanced, integrated gas production systems in the world, where LNG, domestic gas, condensate and LPG is produced.

The Karratha Gas Plant facilities include five LNG processing trains, two domestic gas trains, six condensate stabilisation units, three LPG fractionation units as well as storage and loading facilities for LNG, LPG and condensate. The facility is located 1260 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia and covers about 200 hectares.

In 2008, LNG production capacity at the Karratha Gas Plant increased to 16.3 million tonnes a year with the start up of a fifth LNG processing train.

Woodside operates these facilities on behalf of the North West Shelf Project participants.

Offshore Facilities

The NWS Project's offshore production facilities include the North Rankin Complex, Goodwyn A and Angel platforms, and the Okha floating production storage and offloading vessel (FPSO).

Hydrocarbons from the offshore production facilities are transported to the Karratha Gas Plant for processing by two subsea pipelines, also known as trunklines. Oil from the Cossack, Wanaea, Lambert and Hermes fields is processed on the Okha FPSO.

North Rankin Complex

The North Rankin Complex comprises the North Rankin A and North Rankin B platforms. Connected by two 100 metre bridges, the platforms operate as a single integrated facility.

Located 135 kilometres north-west of Karratha, NRC stands in 125 metres of water and has a daily production capacity of up to 66,000 tonnes of dry gas and 6,000 tonnes of condensate from the North Rankin and Perseus fields.

Goodwyn A platform

The Goodwyn A platform is connected to the condensate-rich Goodwyn gas field located 23 kilometres south-west of the North Rankin A platform and about 135 kilometres north-west of Karratha.

Dry gas and condensate produced from the Goodwyn area reservoirs and Searipple and Perseus satellite field reservoirs are exported by an interfield pipeline, before being transported via a trunkline system to the Karratha Gas Plant for processing.

Angel platform

The Angel platform is located about 120 kilometres north-west of Karratha and is connected to the North Rankin Complex via a 50 kilometre subsea pipeline.

Producing from the Angel field, the platform's unique design enables it to be safely and securely powered and remotely controlled from North Rankin Complex via a subsea cable.


The Okha FPSO is an oil production facility moored to a riser turret between the Wanaea and Cossack oil fields, 34 kilometres east of the North Rankin Complex.

The Cossack, Wanaea, Lambert and Hermes oil fields are connected by flexible flowlines to subsea wells and have been producing since 1995. Crude oil is offloaded from the facility via a flexible line to bulk tankers, while a pipeline exports LPG-rich gas from the Cossack and Wanaea fields to the North Rankin Complex, before being transferred to the Karratha Gas Plant for processing.