North West Shelf Greater Western Flank projects

The broader Greater Western Flank (GWF) area consists of 16 fields located to the south-west of the Goodwyn A platform.

On 8 December 2011, Woodside, as operator of the North West Shelf (NWS) Project, announced the NWS Project participants had approved the development of the first phase of the GWF Project off the north-west coast of Australia.

The GWF Phase 1 Project will develop the Goodwyn GH and Tidepole fields, via a subsea tie-back to the existing Goodwyn A platform. The project remains on schedule for start up in early 2016.

The GWF Phase 2 Project is progressing towards a final investment decision in 2015. The Project will develop the Keast, Dockrell, Sculptor-Rankin, Lady Nora and Pemberton fields via a subsea tie-back to the Goodwyn A platform.

North West Shelf Persephone Project

The NWS Project participants approved development of the Persephone Project in November 2014.

The Persephone Project involves a subsea tie-back from the Persephone field to the North Rankin Complex. First gas is scheduled for the first half of 2018.